「私と言う彼女」 序章~Les Adultes Terribles

You roam the city free, with a bigger dream

You keep on drifting through, seeking something new

I’m here

You want what’s brighter than the summer sky

Whiter than moonlight on a winter’s night

Deeper than the deep sea,

so what if wishes came true for you?

Adam and Eve would toss the apple away,

the Earth would turn the other way

You’d live up far on some barren star,

but down below you might hear us laughing

I’ll give you all you’re wanting so bad,

hold out your hands,

whisper a prayer

Can you feel forever and ever?

Rejoice, be glad. Rejoice and be glad.

Wanting to come down, you’re not finding ground.




Ɗe destaque ρara seu nome. ᗷem, poг hoje e' so'!

De cartao. Valeu, Augusto. Ao -mе de grande utilidade.

Quais aѕ suas dicas ԁe cartoes de visitas?

Caѕo precise dе uma parceria, јa' sabera' օnde buscar.


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Twin stories, each day has its own personality!

This novel "Woman with Me" is a mysterious and cruel story that women's instincts go beyond themselves through love partners.
It is a feature-length sensual novel that will be spelled only on your own eyes.
I will update it slowly, so please look forward ~ ☆ 彡

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「私と言う彼女」 序章~Les Adultes Terribles | もう一つの OneNote

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「私と言う彼女」 序章~Les Adultes Terribles | もう一つの OneNote

「私と言う彼女」 序章~Les Adultes Terribles | もう一つの OneNote
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