そそっているのは 精神世界 だろ ?

新しい回路めぐらして ニューロン直列

伝達物質充満させて 直行直帰で説明致します


直ぐに繋げるから 待っててね

さあ 目くるめく世界へとご招待


もっと奥まで入れて 乾いた結晶にするんだ 。。。


Wind of pheromone that accompanied the body temperature is swaying.
Big eyes that seem to intellectual borderless glasses over.

Neckline grounds clean nape of the neck, which are summarized in behind small Bob peek.
Neckline long, glowing a soft downy hair on the wide-open back.
Woman of pubic hair downy hair is often on the back is thin.

The passions that periodically visit under the influence of the hormone balance
In the private room of isolated C3 ward
I wonder are processing exactly how?

Will I masturbate using the iPad with its beautiful narrow finger?

Masturbation, to stimulate their genitals with their own hands,
Is the act of obtaining the sexual pleasure, but I very healthy thing.

Etymology of masturbation is coming from Onan that appears in the Old Testament.
Onan is brother to premature death, had a sexual intercourse is allowed to marry the elder brother's wife to leave the clan of descendants.
But he did not release the semen has refused to leave the offspring into the vagina,
I tried to contraception leaking semen unplug the penis on the ground in the verge,
Wrath of God that had been killed by touching the.

Do not hit or hit the sin of where preach from the ancient times of the Bible,
Such as either not allowed or are morally permissible, there is a history that has been the subject of debate.

In psychology, masturbation is also said to [play an important role in the formation of the ego].
It is ## act to make sure that the human is a human] while dirty their fingers.

I want with all his strength to hug. Enough to break.
Back the smell of the ear hidden in his black hair.
Beating of the carotid artery, which came to a long neck.

To crawl the tip of the tongue along from the neck to the clavicle.
Let raise the arm, treatment of unwanted hair is licking an incomplete armpit.

Fill the face to a large breast, per Sucking like a baby to the nipple of two pink,
The sweet colostrum taste using the lips and tongue.

Whole body to the kiss. As to the sacred ritual.
It attracted a constricted waist, Osim love the lower abdomen that are hidden is the uterus from the navel.

Until the long, straight leg ahead of the finger from the base of the sensitive thighs
Respectfully cleanse in the palm and fingers and lips.

Along the back of downy hair, under the peak of the muscle with tension in the spinal cord,
Ass was Tsuriaga' with two dimples is like a sculpture of Leonardo da Vinci.

Moteasobi ass with both hands, your sorting and kiss the anus, pushing the tongue.
The genital area not yet touched. Do not touch even asks.

And a long kiss. Because it is a good front teeth of the row of teeth
Tip of the tongue to the back of the throat to arrive. Entwined each other tongue. Spirit shared through the mucous membranes.

Soft lips a little bite in the mischief.
Staring at each other, the cornea of ​​each other that their presence is reflected,
It was recognized by the retina, measure the share of the brain through the optic nerve.

Rather than each other a simple physical intercourse
Because it is an act that wants a mental fusion rather,
The surrender to the beast of the instinct of the male and the female is still ahead.

Looking down from the top of the stomach, it appears two of the hills from the sparse wooded area.
Evidence pubis is high it is with before the pubic region.

And expand the thin petals of small dye
Vagina is longer convulsions. I am satisfied enough love juice.
Scent of female genital specific squid is.

Friction in a clockwise direction the bud at the tip of the tongue.
Voice leaks but have to endure desperately because it promises not issued.

By the large shrimp warp hips wiggle and convulsions, the whole body of the force is missing.

Yuku put slowly dominant arm of the index finger to Mitsutsubo.
Very narrow, curved to complex and large belly side.

To stimulate the most sensitive spot. Every time, splashing sound and genital rings with love liquid.
Anus was passed also several muscle it Yuku spreads become Ogigata in sheets.

Mucous membrane of the cervix is ​​a remarkably dense.
It pays homage to the mystery of the uterus that leads to the first.
To the back of the vagina was mentioned briefly.
Really wonder me to accept up to root.

It is inserted at once to the back of the back of the Yoshimi. Now raise the big pant voice.
Warm the in is not, but rather hot. Likely to dissolve this leave.

Narrow and on curved, come give tighten unconsciously.
But never I will not move. How to Yoshimi also lost trying to is beg.

While inserted, are brought into close contact with the body, set both hands
Keep both arms horizontally. From the pubic region of Yoshimi still overflowing love liquid.

This is the same as if it were a scene in which Christ was executed become a crucifixion cross.
Also past history also religion philosophy, all exist only for this moment.

Mucosa and hypothalamus of instinct that rubbing the mucosa through the sensory organs.
As a result, the brain gives the Koetsu feeling to the brain and released in large quantities of dopamine.

The majority of Yoshimi of the body exhibit a sexual flushing reddish.
When the approach to orgasm, hidden to the bottom of the clitoral hood movement clitoral glans is to the inside,
Labia minora is tinged with blackness.

When the orgasm is imminent, and the outside is hard beams narrowing of the vagina of Yoshimi, the entire vagina is elongated, spread,
Also narrowed by the engorged soft tissue.

And myofibroblasts is contraction of the composite structure of the nipple and areola cause a reduction of erection and areola radius of the nipple.
Yoshimi becomes a climax at the beginning of the orgasm, then, it occurs muscle contraction of about 15 times in the uterus.
When the uterus, vagina, anus, a series of rhythmic contractions in the pelvis occurs,
Yoshimi is to experience the fullness of orgasm.

After Yoshimi was fainting in the third round of orgasm,
I let me exalted both feet, more violently, while in full fling more strongly
It was fed a long long ejaculation into the womb of Yoshimi.

Hot gaze of Yoshimi looked back.
This consciousness, are certainly share from 30 centimeters away.


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