Hollywood remake ” Mutant's dancing ”   

At that time, he played a light engine sound, Adam Opel Vectra V6 3200 was just exploding the highway towards the east.
High-octane gasoline boils in the engine room, and the meter always displays 200 km / h by the automatic speed control function.
Run through the overtaking lane and inform the presence of its presence in the high beam by the high beam.
Like a part of my sensory organ, the car body responds instantaneously and it seems to be an extension of the neural organs stretched out by synapse electrical signals from brain cells.
As expected it is only designed for German autobahn. As soon as many cars appear in front, they disappear immediately from the rearview mirror.
As I entered the highway, the car body showed steady running so as to suck up on the road surface more and more.
As if you are adjusting the F1 racer to lower the seat balance, lowering the seat balance backwards, the hand holding the handle always keeps taut.
I was sweating in my palm by tension, but the leather handle grips firmly.

With one hand always use mobile to contact each direction.
We will make arrangements with the cancellation of the undone work carefully and keep in touch with the refusal.
To make sure, I also contacted my parents' mother.

It took a long time for medical consultation at the national hospital.
As I did not sleep from the previous day, I got exhausted and I decided to have a nap in the drip room on the first floor while Reiko was called again to the examination room.
After all, sleepiness does not come. I casually looked at the TV monitor and was browsing the hospital information.

A flash of incident happens.

To what extent, the logo of the symbol mark of the company that you always used to is used is used. It is a logo mark of marine cafe.
The president has definitely experienced long-term hospitalization at this hospital and the president's breath is breathing to this hospital all in all.
I think that it can be convinced that the president's unfamiliar management ability and the repeated depression state that I felt from a long time ago is the same manic depressive illness as myself.

With one hand always use mobile to contact each direction.
We will make arrangements with the cancellation of the undone work carefully and keep in touch with the refusal.
To make sure, I also contacted my parents' mother.

It took a long time for medical consultation at the national hospital.
As I did not sleep from the previous day, I got exhausted and I decided to have a nap in the drip room on the first floor while Reiko was called again to the examination room.
After all, sleepiness does not come. I casually looked at the TV monitor and was browsing the hospital information.

A flash of incident happens.

To what extent, the logo of the symbol mark of the company that you always used to is used is used. It is a logo mark of marine cafe.
The president has definitely experienced long-term hospitalization at this hospital and the president's breath is breathing to this hospital all in all.
I think that it can be convinced that the president's unfamiliar management ability and the repeated depression state that I felt from a long time ago is the same manic depressive illness as myself.

It is no doubt that the president is bipolar emotional disturbance.
That's why the company always keeps a counselor, and it is also nice to have a long business trip when the physical condition gets worse.
I was surprised to see that this hospital was introduced from the psychosomatic department was a trap structured from the beginning to forced hospitalization.

A face shimmered and a brutal eyes shine appeared.
After all, yesterday when the company was dismissed, the company executives wary of the company because they brought out the top secret data of corruption, the company planned and planned forced hospitalization at this hospital.
He is trying to kill all suspicion of fraudulent information by making him in an emergency hospital.

I can see that my face got even smeared.

It turned out that something played in the head and turned completely into a dry state.

"Do not you do it, you thought about trying to forcibly admit to the doctrine here, confiscate the luggage and get back the data."

"If you paste even a celestial label, you will no longer trust things like yourself."

I misunderstand in the bed, just like a beast the pupil of the pupil repeats contraction and expansion in small increments.

Is it supposed to get caught in such a trap and forced hospitalization even if it dies?

When the point and the line join and it is already convinced that this is a reality, it rushes back to the psychiatric office again, and in words like a machine gun Dr. I attacked.

"You got a hand from the company, not yourself who is caught in the tricks of such a childish mind."

I am even more headed, I can not hide the upset Dr. Ignoring the quiescence of the nurse in his / her ass and browsing the electronic medical chart of the clinic on your own.
Search the data of the president of the same bipolar disorder surely confirm its existence and copy it to flash memory.
Nursing staff comes in several people.

"President Kenichi Shinbushi was still a patient of Professor Ozaki."

Contiguous photographs of the face picture of the doctor in charge of the breath of the company. Ozaki Dr. whose face becomes pale and frightened by fear. It is a picture.

In this case I would like to obtain all the evidence.

The various things that I have wondered so far have come to a close fit like the Jigzo - Puzzle.
Even if we compare various possibilities, the company's planning prospects now seem to be available to me.
Inevitably we can not afford to be hospitalized in a mental hospital with the company's strategy as it is.
Ignoring the stoppage of the doctor and the nurse, she ran out of the hospital room, glanced at Reiko in the waiting room and jumped to the first floor at a stretch from the height of 3 meters of the interruption of the escalator.
Turn off the chasing hospital staff and slip through the front door.
And then turn over the picture of the whole picture of the National Hospital.

Slide into the Adam Opel which was in the parking lot running all the way through.
Running the engine, crushing the tire and making it start suddenly, spreading both hands forward and slipping the nursing staff that sends a stop sign, on the verge of just passing,
Ignore the toll gate and end it.

While leaving Reiko in the hospital, in order to protect himself from the pursuit of the company, I decided to think that it is a good opportunity to have a safe and restful health care and take a rest.

After getting out of the hospital, I will return home to the house at a tremendous speed.

Passing forward Jaguar with passing oblique diagonal line to overtake.

The curve is outside in out using two lanes. Receiver receives mail from Reiko.

* What do you plan to do? Come pick me up! *

I make a phone call from a mobile phone.

"For a while I hide the figure, I have ordered the children, be careful with thugs from the company."

That's why I ran Opel again at a tremendous speed.
And finally I slipped Opel in the parking lot of the supermarket in the neighborhood.

It was because companies' thugs already had a chance to go ahead and awaiting their return.
When you arrive home after carefully walking around, you are right, there are strangers in your parking space at home.
There is not a company thug, but Reiko's best friend Kaori is standing unprotected.
There was a call from Reiko on mobile, it probably hurriedly hurried up, ascertaining circumstances.

But as soon as I found myself I will try to inform the police from my mobile phone.
It pushes it indoors into the room, steals her arms slowly and takes away the cell phone.
I can scream and find that the pupil of the pupil contracts.
I ran up to the second floor and grabbed 2,000,000 yen as a tance deposit and ran away from the entrance.
I heard a voice Kaori informed the police from home phone behind.

There is no grace of time anymore.
As things get bigger and bigger, the manic state also becomes intensified.

It is a feeling like a warrior who has already awakened without fear.
How to break through this situation and have to protect the family by reemployment at an early stage.
For that purpose it is ready to throw out even the life.

As I can not see, I pass through a quiet residential area with fresh green fence and spring scent.
While running I saw several policemen getting busy politely preparing for dispatch in the vicinity of the police box on the way.
Running through the parking lot at once, I ran the engine of Opel, ran for a highway inter and chose a back road.
I thought it was like a car chase at the game center.

A few police cars run toward Nagasaki where you have a home as you are refueling with a self-petrol station.

It is a matter of time before the police 's checkup starts.

Even sooner or later he had to leave this place.

The cell phone is ringing again. In the case of
It is understood from the son Ryunosuke on the display.

"Hello, Dad, what are you doing ... let's go a long way."

I seemed to be quite excited and my breath was rough and its voice turned inside out.

"Dear, my father hides himself for a while, I'm asking for my mom, I will leave it."

My son who is in high school has the strongest sense of justice and physical fitness at home. It is a reliable man when something happens.
In order to protect our families, we must confront our company in the future and get a job in a direction that is even more advantageous.

The police car also wears a warning lamp and passes each other.
It surely started to move with instructions of vigilance knowing that it entered the high speed with the monitor of the Nagasaki interchange.
While passing by a number of police cars, Opel runs in Saga prefecture and Fukuoka prefecture from Yamaguchi prefecture while exchanging on mobile.

To avoid the danger, just detonate east to the east.
I decided to temporarily stop in Yamaguchi's parking area and refill gasoline.
Buy food, disguise hat, windbreaker and sunglasses, mobile charger, and make souvenirs of girls scouting studio ghibli laughing souvenirs for children. Sneak a wood sword for your protection.
I will check the wanted postcard.

I am strange to think that my face picture will be overhanging in this space.

The time has already been around 4 p.m.
I still want to move to the east even by sunset.
Proceed Opel again to the highway. Step on the accelerator and accelerate to top speed all at once.
The body plays a comfortable engine sound pushed against the seat, and responds sensitively like a living thing.

Take out a cell phone and also a friend and talk to Mr. Sanada of a salesperson of a business partner.

"Fujisawa is right, hey, you have a little strange consultation, can you ask me?"

"I can not explain detailed circumstances, can you listen calmly?"

"It is in a state where it is impossible for us to be involved in a company confidential problem."

"There is a possibility that danger may be imminent to my family in the worst case."

Would you please conveniently come to my house this weekend?
I'd like you to see a state as a bodyguard.
I regret for a sudden request, but somehow please take care and cooperate.
Details will be explained from Reiko. I am sorry to say only irresponsibly. "

"Mr. Fujisawa, there was a message from the wife, what is going on?

"I am going east to high-speed, it feels good, I feel great in the sky.
Is it about the eastern part of Yamaguchi Prefecture? I need to leave Nagasaki as much as possible for safety.
I have been wanted by the police. It is really a matter of emergency without making a joke.
Hahahaha. There is only Mr. Sanada who can ask for such a thing. "

"I understood, it is a bit strange feeling with Mr. Fujisawa as usual.
I do not know what happened, but I will visit you at the weekend. "

"I am grateful, it may be because the chakra opened and aroused as I heard the voice changed."

It is a truly crazy work. It is full of physical strength, responds instantaneously with overflowing idea, and the power which does not get tired is abundant.
That's why I feel sentimental as soon as my heart gets hot.
I will certainly go well if I am in good condition. Because this is a destruction god that Shiva possessed and aroused.

Send mail to Reiko.

* I am concerned. The mood is calm and it is calming down.
It is thought that it will fall as soon as it is hanging on the company considerably strict telephone and mail attacks,
Beware is necessary as it is a hand-made tiger. Can you cooperate with us? Appreciation, thanks. *

A reply will come soon.

* Everyone has a sad feeling. It is your happiness to make everyone sad.
I understood well this time. My mother is also losing herself if she is the same act as Shimane's older brother. *

In this way, we will fight all the way.

I am the fighting god Shiva. Beyond the time to thousands of years old I awoke here.

I will not stop fighting until I burn it all.

Buddhist believers worship as a rebirth of Senju Kannon, and as people guardian of Mars, people will touch in front of me.

Those who go against you will be killed mercilessly for the rebirth of the world like a thousand hands-on sounds.

I am the fighting god Shiva.

It is the most feared existence from humans.

Kenichi Mashiba Send a message to the president several times.

* Metaphors *

* God Scanda of the fight as the son of Shiva. People worship Mars *

I was convinced that I would definitely succeed as long as I was satisfied with this, and I was full of confidence.
Then rest slowly and have it prepared for tomorrow.
Tomorrow I decided to go sightseeing to Miyajima of Aki who was worshiped as an island of God from long ago.
I wonder if it was the first time in tens of years, such as a single trip.

Breakfast was available at the hotel Viking.
Everything goes off with a great treat. Besides, appetite was extremely enhanced, and I ate with three servings.
Call Reiko to have me send you the phone number of my acquaintance in Hiroshima. A reply mail arrives for a while.
There was a postscript so as to come back as soon as possible.

It seems to be possible to contact seniors of a foreign-affiliated pharmaceutical company who got a job after graduating from university.
I made up my mind to wait and meet again the day after tomorrow.

I took a train and headed to Miyajima.
Meanwhile, I got in touch with my senior small car. It will seem to invite you to your home tomorrow.
Being tired and tired, the action force increases more and more with a floating feeling, full of euphoria.

Even on the train I was talking to various people and taking pictures.
Indeed it seems to me that the world gives blessing praise for me.
It is around 11 o'clock when we arrived at Miyajima by train.
It's a free pass so I do not have time to wait and it's very smooth.
Hiroshima is as truly a metropolitan met only to see the cityscape refined.
I can not even imagine the town that was destroyed with the atomic bomb with Nagasaki once.

Miyajima was a remote island so I came back to the ferry.
There is sightseeing with history and eternal Japanese culture in this Miyajima, and another important matter.
It is because I wanted to understand even a little about the attacking partner by learning the Eda spirit which is the origin of the president of a venture company.

Amidst the excitement and excitement, Japanese antelope greeted me first. Very friendly and cute.
I try to climb in the shoal of the torii shrine of Itsukushima shrine.

It seems to be low tide low tide.
The scent of the isle tickles the nostrils.

A large amount of clam was removed and it was divided for tourists.
On the local Shimane, he often used a shijimi like this.
If I see my present situation this way, my mother will surely be depressed and depressing.
Because it is inherently weak, it is a person who has lived solely about myself, so even if I am in trouble, realistic support can not be expected.

Miyajima is a really wonderful place.
It is full of eternal beauty of Japan, yet it is well organized for sightseeing.

I went from Itoshido to Itsukushima Shrine and saw an old-fashioned wedding ceremony there.
What a beautiful bride's beautiful thing. It is a scenery like a picture.

Along the fresh green, along the Konohiro River, proceed upstream while watching the deer frolic in the fresh green of refreshing autumn leaves.
Take the ropeway and go up to the top of Mt.

It is strange that I can speak English more and more, getting acquainted with foreigners on the way.
I saw Etajima from the summit of the mountain. It is the president's origin point. It was a smaller island than I expected.
It is a place where the severe spirit was drawn into as a training ground for the Sea of ​​Japan Sea.
Another high peak is continuing with a steep mountain road. Is there 2 km there?
I am running at a stretch. The body is overflowing with force, I do not really know tiredness.

Keep running while watching the image of Senju Kaneko on the way.
I am impressed by the vast panorama from the summit. It is far from the Seto Inland Sea to Shikoku.
Anyway, Hiroshima has many beautiful women. Nagasaki is a Chinese type but this is a Japanese style beauty.

Rain kept coming down as drizzle, but I could not care less. I can enjoy traveling alone without heart.

You can manipulate the spirit and body as you think.

This experience is exactly the realm of God.
Rain has also risen and the fresh green repeatedly breathes photosynthesis receiving spectacular sunlight,
The rain will turn into Shimizu and light will shine from the river to the sea.
The earth rotates slowly and the sky is dyed blue with irregular reflection of the atmosphere and sunlight more and more.
And in the universe this star also revolves around the sun, the sun also goes around the galaxy,
And I feel that the galaxy also continues to move in the helix of the universe.
Constituents of the universe produce life for hundreds of millions of years, and the gene repeats its evolution.
Lovers can not afford to rub their skin and mucosa without any problems,
All the children show a smile of delight.
What wonderful happiness is it?
Everything can be experienced in reality from the perspective of God.

There were many geniuses, such as Picasso and Kawabata Yasunari, for patients with bipolar disorder, but in common with excellent sensitivity and imagination we would have had a viewpoint of God.
Among genes that are inherited, are not bipolar disorder a human being's evolutionary type in a certain way?
If we could control the manic state with our own will and if we could use that power only for the right thing, how wonderful new human beings could be.
Because you can realize life with such a sense of so much.

Go back to the hotel and make another beat and return to the room and warm the cold body with a hot tub.
Email Reiko to return tomorrow.
I asked him where he was now, so I told a lie that he was doing an opening ceremony in Shikoku.

I have already tried this battle. My heart and body are refreshing.
I told the company that I threatened the phone many times over and over, so it seems to be wary of strict witness.
However, since the confidential document data is in this area, it can not move poorly.
Preparation is done carefully.
In case of arrest, confidential data should be mailed to police fraud counterfeit team at that time.
This bargaining is in part here. You will be able to negotiate in places without police.

I checked out the hotel and got to a high-class residential area in the suburbs while exchanging with a small car on the phone.
The reunion for the first time in ten years with my senior small car was a lot of fun.

Discuss up-to-the-minute and drinking alcohol.
It is pleasantly surprising that the wonderful living between Mr. Ogami's wife and two daughters.
But when I switched to a small car after calling me to reassure Reiko, my face looked a little cloudy.
I was suspicious of being told that I wanted to return as soon as possible, but after a while I decided to go out as a tennis player.

I tried ball at the coat after a long time.
In the manic state, concentration is amazing, surprise the small car with a sharp drive.
As soon as Saab arrives, a ball like fire will be decided with power of whole body together with a loud voice,
It seems to me that he is someone.
I played with full effort for four hours in a row, I do not know what I am tired at all.
Body cells are activated and full of energy.
Reflexes, athletic ability, concentration, also enhances this manic state in shreds.
It is the ability to do anything anywhere.

A fun time passed so quickly, when I parted with the small cars, I shook hands with a scandalous girl smiling from the window and ran Opel back to Nagasaki on my way home.

The future is a real match.
Anyway I have to get a job.

I called a brother on the way home.
I also wanted to hear it as a senior man of bipolar disorder.

"I think that it is permissible to use the manic state for the society and family,"

"I can not answer to myself, because I was pretty complicated by the complaint and I could not grasp the reality."

"But as my older brother knows, I can do just that, even if Tanaka Kakuei's thyroid abnormality is reversed, and Hitler and Prince Shotoku's anecdotes are truly a work of making manic patients."

"From my experience, running drunk is to say that the danger is too big."

"Please step on the brakes by stepping on the brake so that you do not go to the police any more."

"Well, it's a good advice, but I'm not in a situation to say such a thing."

"I must protect my family anyway."

"Please do not do it unnecessarily."

"Okay, then again."

I keep running from Hiroshima at high speed west, but police cars are very prominent.
I will contact Reiko with something inexplicable.

"The police wanted me for what I wanted."

"Just a search for a runaway."

"Stupid! Because I can return after four hours from now, please withdraw the search wish quickly!"

Finally arrived at my house at midnight.
Mr. Sanada was the person who greeted me.
I want to talk with two people, I will go to Sanada's car until the nearby super parking lot.

"There is a big gap between the story of his wife and Fujisawa's story."

"Please tell me what Mr. Fujisawa intends to do from now on."

"I can not afford to lose my job right now, even if I intimidate it, I do whatever it is for my family."

"Is not it realistically a crime? Everyone in the family can not live with peace of mind because they did that."

"Wait till tomorrow, everything will take place tomorrow."

When I return home, I do not have the key of Opel, I will ask Reiko.
Forcibly take away and reprimand.
I understand that I am using nerves so as not to escape anyhow.
Petty of my dog ​​and cherry blossoms are somehow frightened and do not come close.
I go upstairs and hand over the souvenir scarecrow to my children, but it is frightening look.
Power up the personal computer and copy the flash memory.

I thought how to contact with the company side of tomorrow.
Why is it browsing up to erotic sites, buying kids' socks.
I want to do anything and I can not help it.

My stomach hurt with hunger.
I noticed that I did not eat anything from noon today.
Reiko went out saying that he would buy something for a convenience store.

How do you know, your neighbor 's lady's husband asked.
As Reiko asked, it should be a witness to protect basic human rights.
I managed to get up to the hospital on the hill which is doing night visit somehow and it is convinced that everyone can be relieved.

I am urged to see a psychiatric department as soon as it is good.
The family was questioned that it could be relieved for the first time with it and was persuaded by many times.

"It is not surprising, but I will never force compulsory hospitalization because I do not like to take any measures."

I was shocked by Mr. Sanada's car in the back seat and headed for the medical center.

In the car I talked about Ryunosui's going to university. But my family was serious.
Ryunosuke seems to have taken a wooden sword, Maiko is going to take him to the hospital even though he brutes the belt of kimono.

It was a structured trap from the beginning if I think now.
I did not think that such enforcement is in the protection law at this time.

The hospital on the hill was quietly standing in the dark as if it would be confused.
After getting checked by a security guard from the back door, we will go through a clean corridor.
I smell mixed with medicine and toilet urine.
It was also a midnight medical examination, quietly resting and the floor Norinium only rang.

The judge was waiting in the examination room.
I was sitting on the front chair and asked the whole family to explain each situation in turn.

"The past two weeks were full of fear and anxiety, I would like to hospitalize my husband."
Reiko said sadly.

I tell you that Maiko is the same idea.
It is as expected.

Ryunosuke told me that his father has a streak but a stubborn aspect.
I'm pleased that you observe well in this situation.

And it was a very easy decision.

"I will say protective hospitalization."

At 1:30 in the morning, as the judge, the deputy director quietly sent a verdict from the other side of the desk.

"We refuse, we should have fundamental human rights."

"Protection law takes precedence over basic human rights."

"Forced hospitalization is prevented even if it is a mighty!"

At the same time as clearly saying with a strong tone, good physique nurses who got tacit consent came all along from the hallway.

Once, five or six nurses picked up the desk and pulled my hand apart.
It seems that the little finger of the right hand holding the desk strongly broke a broken sound.
They are strangled to force and are gripped by both legs and are lifted high enough to reach the ceiling and are carried.
A number of fluorescent lights in the corridor of the ceiling are going through.
A frame-like scene like a flash being burned many times flows.
There was nothing to do, I kept crying out loud.

"Do you think that such a thing is forgiven!"

"Who will look after the family left behind! Stay away!"

It is pressed against the bed in the treatment room of the ward, the clothes are stripped off, watches, bracelets and flash memory are seized.
I will be singing many injections.
Sedative, hypnotic, and psychotropic.
Due to the aggressive nature of the veins, the veins are extremely contracted, so that the blood vessel reservation does not go as thought, and it is getting more and more infuriated by needle stabbing many times.

"This huzzy! Naked!"

I can see a scared face of my family.
My wife Reiko is crying.
The face of Maiko, the eldest daughter who supports it, was a neat look like my father 's face, so a dirty light in the hospital room from the ceiling made a black puddle under my eyes and I could not tell the expression.
Ryunosuke is standing with a pale face.

I embraced the uneasy feelings.
I was thinking about various events so far in the conscious fading way like a running lamp.

Like the painting of Munch 's shouting, at that time vision crooked and the brain cells screamed.

In the depths of the Irie on the Nagasaki Peninsula, he was breathing hard.
The information sensed at the digital binary brain operating speed shows a very brutal vector like the haunting god Shiva possession.

You can only confirm your existence with anger and destruction anymore.
I am always looking for prey. There is nothing to say if it is evil.
Now, the beginning of hunting.

Adam Opel Vectra V6-3200 insists on the waterside forest park like a fine jacket.
But my brain is not connected to that computer system.

At that time, the white crown that dropped the car height rang the horn many times.
The synapse responds to low and disgusting sounds because there is no very goods.

Crown raised the white smoke and came back at a tremendous speed and stopped in front of Adam Opel Vectra.
Adam Opel Vectra slowly advances from white smoke.
Nerve cell tentacles were recognized as sensory organs and made angry emotions.
Boiling high octane scent. Egnost like a beast.
Pupils and blood vessels contract and the brain awakens in order to make you aware of the fears of fear and regret.

I get behind. In the gap of one sheet of paper, accelerator, brake, and accelerator. Crown escaping with rapid acceleration. Change it to manual and put it in the low position.
A quick beast will play games with prey. In order to taste this pleasure and boiling blood, run away with a fear of just a little crazy for a while.

Car chase begins in the national road of four lanes. It is pressed against the seat with G.
The engine of Adam Opel Vectra 3200 raises the joy of delight.
Stuff the car to the limit. With the sideways opening the right side of the power window,
Show a foolish laugh. Aho with shavings saying "Go !!" It makes me laugh.
Take a little behind. The signal is red, there are three cars in front.
There is no escape. I am a leather jacket with sandals, fashionable sunglasses.
I slowly walked down to the shy of the parked car and opened the window on the right.

"Brother, I enjoy it."

I caught my chest with my left hand and hit it with the other fist.
I remember my first nosebleed, but I do not remember it. A woman is calling the police in a smartphone.

In addition, madness began.

There is no way to escape from the severe manic state coming from the drug discontinuation.
Brain cells boil, and neurons continue to skip electrical signals in series. I can no longer stop the short circuit of the brain circuit.

I have not slept for almost a week. Still a thought circuit that arouses further. Neurotransmitter is abnormally released.

The substance necessary for exchanging signals between neurons of neurons is a neurotransmitter.

More than 50 kinds of neurotransmitters have been confirmed, but it seems to be 20 kinds that relatively understand their work.
It is probable that gamma-aminobutyric acid, dopamine, noradrenaline, serotonin are emphasized in terms of mental activity.
In particular, dopamine, noradrenaline, serotonin are collectively referred to as monoamine neurotransmitters,
The monoamine neurotransmitter has a very great effect on emotion and has a great influence on the sites in many brains.

When someone is stimulated, the person first analyzes it in the cerebrum, and then it is sent to the hippocampus.
From the hippocampus, get on the flow around each part called "Puppet's circuit", where emotions are born.
Born emotions are taken into the cerebrum again and become long-term memory.

My heart is a habit of feeling. If the habit of emotions coming from long-term memory is a mind, you can easily change it.

Synaptic cells have a neurotransmitter synthesis system, and postsynaptic cells have neurotransmitter receptors.
Neurotransmitters are inactivated after release.
Zinc ions and nitric oxide affecting postsynaptic cells are neurotransmitters in a broad sense.
Lithium is also a kind of this.

The neurotransmitter acts locally, and the hormone acts globally through circulatory system etc.
Agonists and antagonists also have the same effect.
I have been affected by all the neurotransmitters and have lost my sanity.

Reiko's wife lived apart as a result of not being able to endure the vigor of manic conversion coming from the net dependence and the drug removal.

I had no choice but to live only the meaning to work.
So everything was supposed to go.

The high aggression and the strength of self defense instinct are proof of my hypomania.

Even so, the rapping cycler (RC) is convenient. I can understand the time of manic depression.

Next, deep and strong depression has come soon.

You can fall to the bottom of the abyss into the dark.

I am scared of work. I am afraid to die.
To live is more scary.

If you live alone while you are living separately, yourself becomes invalid and you are captured by a prisoner of death and death.
I can not find a motive to live. Perhaps, I think the same sick person will be the same.
But I can get the job done. That is why I should make a difference in my future life.

I know that there is no more art than living in work, but I am quite unsatisfactory.
I've been working hard for my family until now.

In one room, pouring in cold corn soup while gnawing the hardened French bread.
And today, I suck two cigarettes. Ashtray is a mountainous cigarette butt.

The 5,000 yen chandelier purchased at the special price of the exhibit on the ceiling is spinning its wings.
In summer and winter the rotation is reversed, from which the wind flows from top to bottom.
Because hot air will be accumulated on the top. Suguremono.

Since there is neither a range nor a refrigerator, it is wrapped around a convenience store natto. Sometimes luxuriously,
I bought Oyako Don with hotto motto, but it is really delicious.

Because it is one meal a day, see, look thin. 15 kg is thinner than before stopping depakeken.
Because old slender suit can be worn, it is not inconvenient for clothes.

Recently I am reliant on ameba, depending on personal computer.
Since I am free I play by playing with pigs.

I love music that is indispensable only from PCs. The sound is not good.
It seems to be an AV. The time to spell a blog is as long as 12 hours.

Maybe because I like cleanliness, I am marveling and taking a shower every day.

(It is dead afterwards)

After all, this time is quite hard. I wrote up my will, but I am afraid to die.

That's it. I have not done any water yet in one wind festival. An important friend of mine. Surely once in a year,
I will wear that rich fragrant white pretty flower.
The space between the samurai residences is just decorated to enjoy the fragrance of the wind field in each room, you can see how expensive orchids were.

Since there is no washing machine, I can not do the laundry. I will not wash your hands anymore. I do not have the energy to do anything.

I became feeling worse periodically.
How comfortable it would be if you could be moldy organic matter as it was.

The ten year floor has a moist stench. Because it can not clean up, the floor looks whitish with dust.

Why I do not understand, but moonlight crawls from the window at any moment.
My face reflected in the mirror made shadows even with such lights.
The face of the deceased who is uncertain of the focus still tells of life.

I ask why.

I say that the dead in the mirror is a punishment.

Will not you kill me?

Die oneself.

I do not know whether it is hallucination or auditory hallucinations, but I wonder if it came in until splitting.
Fortunately, because it is multiple personality, someone should take over instead.
Who was the real one?
It gradually becomes occupied by another personality.

(Who are you)

Can someone kill me?

I can not sleep at night, think about the way of suicide all day.

Dive from the roof of the apartment and crash into the asphalt from the head
I look at how my brain marrows.

Cut the wrist with a sharp haircut scissors
Pinch and cut the artery of the left wrist.

On the coast watching the East China Sea on Iojima
Drowning at night and drowning, it rots as it is to become a bait of fish and it becomes white bone.

Listen to the cold track of the unmanned station where the limited express passes
Imagine the moment when the brain is cut with the sound of the train coming from afar.

I am still surviving at the spiritual limit.
It will be "managed only if it is alive."
Because the doctor's doctor's word of saying will not leave my ear.

Is it really a human being worth living?
No, the mentally disabled people are dead while they are alive because the brain is stinging.
This feels more severe than death by releasing the soul.

I do not want to hurt anyone anymore.
I am not in the role of anyone.
I am tired of living.

Could anyone really kill me?

Call Reiko and Ryunosuke and pick it up at Adam Opel Vectra 3200.
Because I was manipulating, I was fishing for 30 minutes as I was fishing during work.

When they arrived home, they were not even preparing for going out.
I hit my anger and blew yesterday with a shouting voice.

With this Ichariya president is waiting at the Inasan Observatory restaurant, it is desperate to be one hour late.

Ryunosuke who came out cranky. Refracted Reiko.

Of course, inside the car is a miserable family meeting, no dispute will be stopped.
Ikariya's president arbitration did not seriously go to Mt. Inasa.

(My family does not believe anything about me.)

Ryunosuke says "Jump off the car!"

"If you can get down, let's get down!"

I raise the speed further and roll the Opel. The tire screamed highly screaming like a mentally disabled person.
Reiko pulls Ryunosuke. They are holding hands that are hard on each other.
Their faces across the Beck Miller were obviously drawn to fear.

"Ryunosuke! Jump quickly!"

Opel meanders to the left and right, the oncoming car keeps ringing the horn.

"Yes, it is faster to use Sky Loopway at the foot from the mountain path."

I will run away with anger at 200 km / h, leaving the goddess Ogashi shining illumination on my anger.
I will aim at Asai Sky Loopway.

The reason for the long waiting time is that payment can not be made with cards. I strongly protested and crossed the ticket gate without notice.
When Reiko and Ryunosuke joined with payment for three people, I sat in the special seat and was waiting for departure.
Reiko was able to sit down near the seat. Ryunosuke does not want to engage with me, so I can not see him.

A senior citizen group of tourists was standing in front of me and gave me a seat quickly.

"Hey! Do not give up your seat quickly! It's a woman!"

There is a long staircase after getting off the cable car.
I hung on my slender big checkered houndstooth suit with black edge glasses and ran up with two bumps.

"It's almost like a New York businessman."

President Ikariya at the light restaurant of Inasan Observatory, greeted us without worrying about the late arrival of us.
I believed that the president 's mediation could improve the family' s insulation status.

I can not enter the restaurant from a salty store because of restaurant reservations mistake.
I am protesting the president of the tourist hotel managed by the restaurant owner
I was thinking of a means to take responsibility. I called the police with my cell phone as a last resort.

The lobby is cluttered with the police officers who arrived. Because I am a caller, I can not take the matter.
Restaurant owner has been examined in detail.

Four of us walk through the crowd and walk down the floor.

We surrounded the 1F fancy iron white cat foot round table, and the discussion between us four people began.

There are two obvious policemen. I kicked off to a police officer guarding the next iron chair.

"Ryunosuke! Please apologize to the president for being late!"

Bow with smile.
I have a good year, only my personal computer has no hobbies, and Ryunosuke's birth can not be ignored.
Therefore, I wanted to see the landscape of Inasama.

Things that no one believes me in my family
Things that work is done without fellowship at the company
It is scary of me that can not be helped. . .

"Come on, President! Please give me a presentation."

"I'm sorry, I forgotten sorry ..."

"I did not expect from the beginning."

The story got separated and I was at a loss.

"I do not have the money to buy back tickets."

"It will be decided round trip!"

"Mom, I will look, there is no mistake in returning."

Reiko and Ryunosuke made their face strong and disappeared from the ropeway to the foot, they got smaller and disappeared.

The observatory is cold raining.
President Ikariya and I are staring at the night view of Nagasaki without worrying about getting wet.

"President, I like the view of this place the most."

"The corporation as far as I saw was lost."

"Shall we attack the prefectural office and city hall next time?"

"I am OK, I will not hang him ..."

Measures It was a scene of injury on the eve of hospitalization.

About ten policemen screw up my arms and throw them out of the store.
Police officers are lined up like barricades on the stairs with wide entrances.

Take me to the stairs behind you, casually sit down and light your cigarette
A police officer came flying, I skipped my cigarette.

"What do you think?"

It is a kind of thug. I hate the police in the first place. It is almost a gathering of yakuza.
If there is no power and gun in that evidence it is the only gangster group who has neither academic nor dignity.

I only do it in a place where speeding violation or temporary stopping place is an unnatural traffic regulation.
At the entrance to score earnestly, we repeatedly use banquets and repeated banquets.

In Japan where morality is in order, the police organization is only social evil.
We would like to express our respect to the SDF personnel who put in harsh training to defend the country against it.

Sometime I put up the half flag on the police organization, first let it be destroyed from the Nagasaki police station.
Is it reserved as a grudge?

However, I am well aware that it is not such a thing.

Where does this enormous energy of anger come from?
Even though other feelings are dead.

I had a strong feeling of justice unrelated to power and state before the onset of illness.
It can only be recognized by justice and evil. It is similar to a medical condition.

Still it is my identity.
Many other psychiatric disorders are shed by the disease state and are being taken by illness
I am hesitant to admit himself, I remain in love.
Self-recognition does not exist there.

It is exactly the thing that is different from others.
Self identity. I guess that you insist on your own.

For example, even if mass killings are repeated on the battlefield,
For my family's family, if there is a cause name for the Emperor 's sake, I will not hesitate.

Therefore, I am afraid that I live in modern society. Angry is increasing more and more.
I do not know whether it is due to living separately after taking medicine.

Your fault? . .

It is your nature.

It is exactly the thing that is different from others.

Self identity. I insist on my idea and even have social influence.

I have enough identity.

It belongs to a certain group such as identity, personality, country, ethnic group, organization, etc.

It means that it is a certain person or thing.

"Match" "Identification".

It is that things are identical to themselves and exist as one thing.

A person exists as a personality over time and scene,

It is to have unity of ego that confident self as self.

"Essential self-regulation"

Somehow I was aware.
I have an identity shaking.
It means self collapse.

It carries a staircase and is pushed into a single police car parked on the south road of the park.
The time that I had so much fun until the end collapsed in an instant.
A lot of spectators who felt like festivals also stared at this time and stared at us.

I insulted police like a machine gun among police cars,
Naturally I will eat a police officer in the car.
While being assaulted repeatedly being taken to the Nagasaki police station,
My anger was too late to retreat.
Ironically, the detention facility has toilet bowls full of dirt
Only the reinforced glass filled with blood showed the presence.

I was completely silent and rebelled. Use a fist to leave a new blood stain on a shallow tempered glass.
When Dawn, Dawn and an explosive are ringed, four policemen flustered in a panic and tie me up with a restraint belt.
Police officers laugh with deliberately tying up the wrist of the right arm.
The sense of the wrist no longer disappears, it will immediately necrosis.

Just because I was tied up in the restraint zone, I did not want to give in to the police that only wields power.
When I say that I want to urinate I play a trick with laughter and grinning inside my trousers.
I excrete it warm as a strange feeling.

Even if the limbs are bound, they can move like shrimp.
I moved to the tempered glass with the floor wet with urination.
Then, with his back on his back, using both tied legs, he kicked more kicking so that the inside of the hall shook more violently with his heel.

Dawn. . Dawn. . Dawn. . .

The police arrived again and dragged me away from the tempered glass.
But I will move again to the tempered glass and ring the explosive once the police are gone.
The heel had already swollen and had internal bleeding.

Several police officers rushed with changing bloodshed.
I will drag it away from the tempered glass again, but this time I will try to leave the iron grating that is still open.

In a panic, the police officer returns to close the iron grating, but as soon as it gets caught, it moves to the tempered glass.
While doing this grueling, I continued to sound the explosion surely.

Dawn. . Dawn. . Dawn. . .

A young police officer came for a supervisor 2 hours after being captured.

"You must have been athletic at Baka Chun University."

Why do young police officers who are pale blue know how to fear while running cold sweats.
It's easy. Even when I go to Pong University, I can not become a decent public servant in Nagasaki.
That's why the gymnastic guys who are inspected until the back of the golden egg at the time of entry are mostly policemen.

By conversation I saw conversation such as being friends with Mayor of Nagasaki and having an important job.

When remembering the affinity and talking to the public, it says "Sabo - nnna!", It appears like a yakuza like something.
I turned to a young newcomer and became my watch over.

However, this bastard was a terrible police officer. I came in from a grill and suddenly kicked my back.
While having a fun smile repeatedly over and over again.

I endured pain, but I still kicked the tempered glass.

Lying down and getting assaulted violently,
A few policemen paid the picture of my face to pain.

My face that came up on the flash is
It will be recorded as a mentally disabled person of hope of reason.

Even if you do something rough from your handicraft handicap in your belongings, you know clearly that no one believes.

About six hours after being captured, from a national hospital, a doctor in charge of a psychiatrist visited a spiritual appraisal.
Talk to me with a look like shooting from that reading glasses.
And it was too easy to diagnose emergency hospitalization.

Eight hours after being confined, I finally got out of the detention center.
The guy who smiled at that yakuza who was saying "You are the second killing you!" Is laughing.
It is vulgar and ugly that I have never seen before. Lump of meat .

It is taken with the arms tied up to the official car that was arranged from Nagasaki prefecture.
The bastard who was in a diagonal forward entered the range.

Event at the moment that even afterimages are not left.

I definitely hit the gold kick.

Pubic bite penetrates into the right foot.

The man who tries to taste the second killing which is a painful pain,

Open eyes and repeat convulsions.

The jet black Nagasaki prefecture public utility stationary stopping with a sense of intimidation in front of the front door of the Nagasaki police station.
A dozen of the police officers kept strict warning and pushed me in to the car quickly.

When it returns, it makes it ruin.

I was arrested by two policemen in the back seat, but I still can not stop the resistance.

As a matter of course I am aware that I get severe assault.

They pierce my abdomen many times like a baton does not stand out.

I intentionally puffed the bitter gastric juice with pain to the police officer's feet.

The inside of the car was filled with a strange odor and a stage enough for me to fuel my madness was made.

"Most of the Nagasaki police officers can not speak even the standard language and English is ridiculous."

"You will not feel ashamed as a policeman in your international city!"

"This shit yakuza gum!"

"There is neither education nor dignity Do rots!"

"The guy who was examined until the back of the gold ball is already embarrassed and would want to die."

"This sequence of assaults will surely be tied to my friend Nagasaki mayor."

"Prepare me, gold ballpots!"

"Since I was protesting that my detention center was full of dirty objects,
It will be painfully cleaning the toilet in a hurry this time. What a lousy organization. "

"Take me to a hospital on the hill where my doctor is."

"Otherwise you will experience the same scene as hell picture."

Nagasaki prefecture officials who were driving felt their danger and hurried to bypass at midnight.

The street lamp fly away with a search light like flowing from the front to the back.

My face reflected in the car window has a deep smile

It is projected from various angles to the moving shadow.

The scenery of darkness of darkness gives deposits to me.

Either way it came time to see the opportunity.

pleasant. It is really fun.

The inside of the car is a closed fear classroom.

I teach fear in my teacher. The students can not escape anymore.

Push a head of one student with a head butch

Create a beautiful stained glass on the window glass by splashing blood.

It imitated a technique to paint oil paints thickly superimposed, similar to Picasso's paintings.

The thumb of the right student who came to conquer is bitten by teacher's cuspid teeth.

The teacher trembled in the extreme of delight in scream and scream.

It is accompanied by ecstasy and enough to extract adrenaline in my head.

Because it is strong euphoria, waving your head wiggly

Become a spectator at the concert venue in memory.

The inside of the car was colored with vomit and blood glued.

Four classmates should only be present on the screen of fear movies mimicking monsters.

With this series of violence I will be able to climb onto the area of ​​new manic.

But it will not penetrate. It is more than 100 miles away by the area of ​​God.

The direction is also different from the hospital on the hill where your doctor is.

"Change direction to a hospital on a hill with a medical record for 8 years and transport it!"

And spit many times to the staff of Nagasaki prefecture and kick the sheet.

Staff who are barely maintaining sanity

I pushed forward through the darkness of the night by raising the speed further without saying anything.

This ward 1F, 2F is devoted to the medical department, 30 people will be there if you add Neven Dr.

And the C3 ward is acute, the C4 ward is chronic, the C5 ward is serious male,
C6 ward is severe female, C7 ward is alcoholism,
The topmost floor of the C8 ward is composed of gatherings of monsters.

I was immediately confined in the isolation room of the C3 ward. My clothes have become stinky so I can clothes hospital clothes.
It is incredibly cheap and it is only clothing like greenish gauze. Besides, the length of the trousers is limited to the knees.

I protested and refused clothing. Naturally it's a cold so it's a pants.

With me wandering around with a blanket in my arms, a man with a good white appearance appeared from behind the iron grille.

"What a dress! This is a genuine crazy rumor!"
"I'm going to be an Anpanman, I'm pleasantly happy!"

This man who can not be placed on the winds of a psychiatrist who will fuel warfare from the first meeting.

It is my deputy director Kimura, my doctor.
Age 56 years old One of the warmest executives who holds the power of this hospital.

The number of patients in charge is 60 people. The examination policy only passes through the patient after viewing the electronic medical record from the nurse.

Here it is usual that psychiatrists do not consult patients.
I grinned that it was a psychiatric hospital that could abuse as a clear-cut guy and knocked it down.

Reiko seems to have brought laundry at the third week of isolation. Of course, do not visit.

The prescription medicine is an inquiry to the hospital on the hill, only Depofen 600 mg.
By the end of the meal, confirm that the nurse drinks it from the gap of the iron grating.
Dragees can not be melted immediately. Even if it is behind the tongue, it will never fall on the toilet later.

Kimura does not come to see me only once a week.
In the explanatory text of the isolation room, "sufficient examination" is written, but there is no way that psychiatry medical can be done by this.

"Fujisawa, are you really taking medicine?"

"It seems that there is no effect at all, so let's do muscle injection."

"Do not be silly! What is intrusive!"

"If you can do it, try it!"

Extend the left arm from the iron grid and grab the Kimura's nape.
Suddenly, pick up the pocket ballpoint pen with his right arm.

The raised pen tip is trying to capture his left eye with certainty. His pupil opens.

I will penetrate deep into my brain. It's the end, Kimura!
As soon as a nurse beside he took over himself as a deputy director.
The pen tip penetrated the nurse 's right back arm.

"Still more, intramuscular!"

A grill opens. Stuffing stuff. Several arms are extending from the iron grid on the other side and grab my ankle.
Ten nurses with good physique invade from the iron door of the table. He is made to lie on his face and down his pants.

"Please do it fast! Good coaching force!"

Intramuscular injection pierces the buttocks and poison is injected. Staff to escape quickly.
I was asking about the situation from the side behind the Iron Godo.

I felt strong murderous intent.

I will kill you. I will kill. I'll kill you ... "

A thin cream colored Norinium floor.

Pale yellow iron grille.

Western-style toilet with sensor but not functioning.

Small sink of stainless steel.

An inorganic wall with a green bottom and a beige top.

And a wide-angle lens surveillance camera protruding on the ceiling.

This camera is the most obtrusive.

I have to set aside yet to move. . .

Wet the toilet paper in water to make small dumplings
Take a long shot to the surveillance camera many times.

I hit some of the surveillance cameras in it, and when it gets dry it gets hard like a swallowt's nest.
A guy who realizes that the camera can not be monitored at the nurse center comes to the isolation room with enthusiasm.
It is my nurse in charge that a cheeky little boy who is furiously angry.
Koichi Kanemura 34 years old Captain Karate Division
Building a luxury resident house recently has a loan of 40 million yen.
He is an honor student and a senior who has a rotten pride faithful to the hospital organization.
It is hanging like a luxurious silver-colored glasses. I understood the translation soon.
It is a complex that the nose is big and turning to the left.
I will punish you for striking on the cheek on the left side from the root of that nose, again with the most important glasses.
Kimura kicks up his belly. With kick-specific front kick.

"Well, I will lose consciousness immediately."

"Let's become quiet a little.

It is quite different from the hospital on the hill here. It is a prison below a pigsty which is far from being treated like human beings.

Somehow fun.

I am very pleasant.

That guy is calling.

There is one scrapler beside the ceiling surveillance camera.
A geometrically deep line runs along the flow line.

That sight is the same as the composition of the universe.

Focus consciousness by naming the scrumpler Eva.

The first Eva looks down at me silently.

Neurons of the cerebral cortex send pulses of electrical signals.

The experiences of euphoria of bliss are born.

Did you make complete mannacles? . .

Pulses of the cerebral cortex centered on the frontal lobe are activated.
Brain neurotransmitter
Abnormal release of adrenaline, serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine.
The synapse was completely connected, and neurons easily impacted Eva.
Furthermore, the tentacle of the synapse passes through the sick wall and easily connects to the net line.

My head is covered with tentacles of neurons like Medusa.

At that moment, the increase in frequency of brain waves caused by sensory stimulation
A physiological state of the brain corresponding to a decrease in the amplitude occurs.

This isolated room is already a subspace.

The consciousness diminishes by complete manipulation.

The view is distorted like Munch.

And I stopped the function.

Christmas Eve's cold rain falls.
Advisory organization by Nagasaki Mental Disorders Support Center,
It will be about ten days after the inquiry by the judging committee for discharge of discharge request.
Except for the definitive feud with the deputy director of Kimura, accustomed to the environment of isolation,
A pleasant hospitalized life with cheating medication will not change even after one month and a half passes.

 images (4)

Although I asked Kimura Deputy Director about discharge, it is actually 1 year,
From the social standpoint it is said that it is three months in a row, and it is full for January next year.

Although not so long, social space is not favorable.
It makes me feel uncomfortable to wait leaving hospital just like this.
There are lots of things you can still do. Even tonight.

Shift is nurse Murai with a familiar face. He is a cheerful guy.

"I think Fujisawa is committed to being quarantined regardless of how it is."

"It would be nice if a request for examination passes."

"No, if Mr. Murai can cooperate, I will be able to leave the hospital earlier."

"Can you help me escape?"

"I can not do that, because I have a family."

"That's a problem, I do not want to match the dangerous eyes."

"Tonight, I will make a noise after dinner, 21: 00."

"Please keep the night shift from waiting in other wards for cheering."

"I do not understand the meaning of the story, but ..."

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Prison from the isolation room, C3 ward, mammoth hospital.
It is investigating that the stairs beside the elevator for serving communicate with the back door from the lobby.
If you get the key there, you can run through the national highway in 3 minutes.
Take a taxi and go to the house, then pay the price there.

The problem is who will come here with the key.
Finish brushing and fix it with a bandage on the left arm in the form of a handle that sticks out.
Fix the red ballpoint pen to the right hand.

Because I was exercising in the isolation room, the body is light.
Repeat practice of elbow knee kicking.

"10 people - how many people can survive ..."

20: 30. Tick ​​the red ballpoint pen.
First of all, it will take time to persuade from the Iron Bunko.

It is good to drag it in. Important things,
Alternatively, the surveillance camera may be destroyed.
My black sandals have metal fittings.

Why my heart beats so high.
I feel that I am alive now.

It is not a matter of ethical concern.
I want to continue to exist with me until I die.

Kill the first man who looks good in physique.
After that pierce the thigh and stop moving.
To those who are trying to take their feet,
Shake the ballpoint pen with knee kicking and acceleration to the cervical vertebrae.

If the Leader case is killed, it will be a total collapse afterwards.
It is good to deprive the blood painted key.

21:00 came. Murai nurse stands far away from the iron grid.

"Mr. Fujisawa, let's stop it."

"Open the iron door."

"I will do all the muscular injections and I can not get out of the room."

"Even if you open the door you will not be able to come in at the same time, will not you?"

"I will kill you from the beginning."

"Fujisawa-san! I can not truly get out!"

This tremor is not a side effect of Reamas.
It is due to intrinsic extreme excitement.

We can not confirm ourselves unless there is a fundamentally fighting target.
Since ancient times, since childhood. . .

The most dangerous mistake like me is to release to society is my fear.
I do not know what to do. You can kill people without hesitation.
I hate that I. Pathetic. I am no longer a person.

If you kill ten nurses tonight, you will have 50 families.
Can I drop all that innocent people to the bottom of misfortune?

"Mr. Murai, you do not want to die?"

"I can die any time for a cause of justice."

"To that end, I have adapted my family to unfortunate eyes."

"I wonder if I can not die for human beings as soon as I do not commit sins ..."

A satellite moving at high speed on a stationary transfer orbit.
It takes 36,000 km of Earth orbit as a satellite attack weapon.
Since it continues to send microwave on the ground on orbit it is easy to check its existence.
It carries particle beam weapons, energy weapons, kinetic energy weapons, and nuclear missiles.

My tentacle of a neuron passes through subspace and comes in contact with that motherboard a little.

I was abused by my brother who wanted to keep love to herself when I could not speak any words.
After all, when you stand alone, you are scared of your legs and falling into the ground and crying
I was scolded violently by my mother. It should have been praised with a smile.

I was beaten every evening from alcoholic father. I could not stop bleeding from the left eye
My mother did not even stop.

Remember the anger that a very cute kitten does not miss it, drag it down from the tree
He hit the shrine's stone many times and killed him.

In the autumn of 15, I decided to kill with my kitchen knife kitchen to save my family from such a father
I regret having hesitated.

My mother who did not divorce just for the appearance to my parents sacrifice my child for my convenience.

Once in college, we shopled leather belts with curiosity.

And she made her pregnant her virgin,
On the last night of a two year dating I left my girl who reached orgasm and threw it away.

A number of unbearable current conditions that have disappeared from memory, as per the emotions and memories of that period
Due to the avoidance of mental damage, I became a personality, and continues to grow even now.

Based on many emotions and experiences, I am loved by myself being sacrificed for you.

By abandoning yourself, you live in a universal world, throwing out your ego, becoming selfless, other than yourself.
Please repent of the sin you have lived and use our brain for the development of psychiatry for the good fortune of the people.
Currently, in the brain physiology field, major abnormalities have occurred due to the discovery of iPS cells.

IPS cells are new pluripotent stem cells that were born in 2006,
It plays an important role in realizing regenerative medicine.
By introducing a very small number of factors into somatic cells such as human skin and culturing,
It transforms into pluripotent stem cells with the ability to differentiate into cells of various tissues and organs and ability to grow almost indefinitely.
The pluripotent pluripotent stem cells cause reprogramming with only a few factors, are highly reproducible, easy,
It is a breakthrough in stem cell research.

It has also been demonstrated to differentiate iPS cells into cells constituting nerve tissue.
However, in the case where the brain responsible for memory is damaged, there are many problems such as memory formation.

Up to the growth of brain neurons in the bureaus, all agencies have already done it.
Also, the only thing you need is clinical data and analysis of your brain's brain.

It will be possible to develop epoch - making treatment and medicine for psychosis alone.
Your daughter of a psychiatrist and the doctor of your doctor's office are offered a living body brain dissection.
Of course, we can not issue permission due to ethical issues, but there are also many loopholes.

I want to continue illuminating the world like darkness by burning my prayers and my body.

Although storms cause destructive wind and flood damage,
At the same time, there are two aspects of bringing water to the land and raising plants.

The origin of my extremely strong aggression is also attributed to it.

About two thousand years ago, Jesus took the cross to receive human sins for permission.
What will Christ do in modern times to take human sins into change?

Please show me a strong vector with my white heart as a medium.

When the life span of the world runs out,
It is to prepare for the next world creation by destroying the world.

Killer satellite stands on a hilly low mountain top of Nagasaki Peninsula in Kyushu
The particle beam cannon standard was combined with a conspicuous white ward.

The sight is hazy.
The body does not move.
There is no voice.
The eyelids are heavy.

The brain is almost functioning.

"It seems that Ms. Fujisawa has noticed."

"I was in a state of unconsciousness for three days."

"Please call the nurse."

Eva in the ceiling is different.
It has no geometric pattern.
It seems to be on the tatami.
It feels like the whole room has decayed.

The neighboring inhabitant is raising a shout.
He is tapping violently tempered glass.

"Fujisawa, do you understand?"

"C5 ward, I am Tokunaga of the nursing president."

"It was treated roughly in the C3 ward."

I tried chasing the lord of the voice with only my eyes but the focus is not fixed.
I tried trying to make a voice but it was only groaning.
Also consciousness will fade away.
Only the darkness comes in possession.

"Fujisawa-san, keep on conscious."

It is a gentle voice.
But brain cells are no longer pulsing.
It seems that I was pretty damaged by the brain.

Jack Nicholson's "on cuckoo's nest" is exactly the same.
Even normal patients will be made obsolete here.
It can not be said that Kutaba is like this.
My belief has to go through.
There are a lot of jobs to get back to the company and to do.

"Kimura deputy director has no intention of hiring Fujisawa-san for a long time."

"Because there are many serious patients in this ward, we can spend quarantine better in a better environment."

"Now, please have some meals."

Feelings are bad, feelings are slowing down.
Even when tinnitus occurs, the scream of the neighboring resident
Only the bomb sounds that hit Dawn and Dawn will not stop ringing like a halo.

 images (4)

Severe patient accommodation building C5 isolation room is also undergoing intense depression.
It is a thought that the heart stops with a sound of harshly blowing, strange sounds, hardening the tempered glass.

In three more weeks, I was told that I was discharged from the C5 ward isolation room as it was.
With a weakened body like this, in the worst state of mind, social reintegration will not come true.

"My wife came to visit."

I suspected my ears. I feel full with sorry feeling.

Reiko was sitting on a chair in a glassed-away meeting room.
I can not read facial expressions by reflecting glasses.

Suddenly I suddenly endured my tears and started crying.

"What is it, tears?"

I heard a cold, ruthless voice.
I looked terribly frightened, but Reiko's eyes were completely dead.
There was a deep disappointment and a feeling of loss past the anger.

"How much trouble do you have if you afflict your family?"

"Once you leave the hospital, go home and do some net work."

"Life, do not appear before our eyes."

I want to return to the isolation room as soon as possible. The spirit is truly mindless.
Perhaps Reiko has repeatedly experienced psychological distress more than me.

You finished. Everything is over.
I was a human being who could not be happily done by anyone, so I guess the spirit was sick with that reward.
It was in vain to have studied intensely as it was, to keep self-control and adapt to society.
I just kept being protected and continuing to struggle.

I wonder if there really was a family member in me.
Was it a temporary illusion? There may be no bonds from the beginning.
It is obvious that no one is already working as a family whose sorrow is even if I died.

Really. He did this way to avoid mental damage.

I decided not to have it.

I decided to be dead.

And, it disappears from memory quickly.

The future can only be opened from there.
Then, is there a motive for the value to live yet?

A strong dying / death idea attacks.

"I'm already feeling better, be comfortable."

However, there is not enough motive to die.
Will it be possible if the samurai's secretary can do it, can we deny all my life so far?
It certainly is easy to die and it is over. Because all of my sense bodies stop functioning.
However, in my life, even though the crisis of life has been visited many times, what is still connected is a miracle.
There must be necessity necessarily there.

When I was a boy, I was bold, the day was very meaningful and long.
With age, I spend my life not to live, so the date goes very fast.
This is not a matter of time. It's dense.
Fetching the living choice for the foreseeable future will be extremely difficult, including my age and illness.

"So, get it easy, everyone is the same."

While watching the cold iron grid in the isolated room, I was told of the sparseness of my feelings.
I could not work someone from the bottom of my heart, I could not cancel my hatred and open my soul.
I constantly hated someone and attacked and lived with that negative energy.

After all, it is a human not worth living.
Rather than dying, the spirit falls apart while living, it is very scary to become the only organic body from which the soul has escaped.
It is to become an ugly and decaying debris that floats in outer space.

Yes, will it become a dangerous crazier all the more, will it be shot dead repeatedly the homicide?
With that means, you may feel "raw" without worrying about a second.

Using multiple mental illness, its potential is immeasurable.

There is nothing to protect.
I can freely use my life.

Can you use that power only in wicked things?
Well good. Only the means and methods for living have been understood.
The rest is dependent on my "heart". Because it will release to the contemporary society dangerous and extremely rare monsters.

A smart phone in Adam Opel Vectra is ringing ringtone.
IMPORTANT Check the display indication from the client,
Talk a little about the presentation materials attached by email.
Touch "Yes" on the recording display from ACR to engrave the data of recent interactions into the brain.
Thus the negotiations will surely proceed.
When I was able to meet with an appointment, I only play lol.

I will give back to the company with too much profit, but it is negative to the management policy of Ikariya.

It seems that it will not be understood unless it meets painful eyes.

Recently I 'm often told that "The world feels like it is turning around at your convenience."
I mean sarcasm but I am serious.

"Well, I guess I was ready."

"Is it about time you start?"

"I will protect you at any time."

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