清濁併せ呑む  Together with confusion 

Together with confusion

清濁併せ呑むとは 善人でも悪人でも 来る者はすべて受け入れる度量の大きさを表すたとえ
Inclusion and drinking means that every person who comes even a good person or a bad person represents the magnitude of the degree to accept

大海が清流も濁流も隔てなく受け入れることから 心の広い人のこと
Because the ocean accepts neither clear stream nor muddy stream, it is a person with a broad mind.

「清濁」とは 善と悪・善人と悪人・賢者と愚者などのたとえとしていう
"Clean" is referred to as a parable of good and evil good and a bad man, a wise man and a fool.

"Together" describes both "matching" and "drinking" as "drinking", but the expression of "drinking together" is common

Take the rough with the smooth.(すべすべした物と一緒に、ざらざらした物も受け取れ)
You must take the fat with the lean.(脂身も赤身も一緒に取らねばならぬ)

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